Past members of Gallium

Idir Lankri
(intern, summer 2017)
Danny Willems
(intern, spring 2017)
Filip Sieczkowski
(post-doc, 2015-2016, currently assistant professor at U. Wroclaw)
Jacques-Pascal Deplaix
(intern, summer 2016, and 2013-2014)
Ambroise Lafont
(intern, summer 2016)
Pierre Courtieu
(on délégation from CNAM, 2014-2016)
Jacques-Henri Jourdan
(PhD student, 2013-2016, currently post-doc at MPI SWS, Germany)
Gabriel Scherer
(PhD student, 2012-2015, currently post-doc at Northeastern University, Boston)
Cindy Crossouard
(administrative assistant, 2012-2016)
Maxime Dénès
(post-doc, 2014-2015, currently software engineer at Inria Sophia-Antipolis).
Pierre-Évariste Dagand
(post-doc, 2013-2014, currently CNRS research scientist (CR) at LIP6 laboratory).
Jonathan Protzenko
(PhD student, 2011-2014, currently research scientist at Microsoft Research, Redmond).
Sigurd Schneider
(visiting scientist, 2014, currently PhD student at Saarland U.)
Thomas Braibant
(post-doc, 2012-2014, currently software engineer at Jane Street)
Thibaut Balabonski
(post-doc, 2012-2014, currently assistant professor (MdC) at U. Paris Sud, LRI laboratory
Virginie Collette
(administrative assistant, 2012-2013)
Julien Cretin
(PhD student, 2009-2013, currently engineer at Trust In Soft)
Olin Shivers
(professor at Northeastern university, on sabbatical, 2013)
Michael Arntzenius
(summer intern, 2013, currently student at CMU)
Cyprien Mangin
(summer intern, 2013, currently PhD student in the CoqHoTT project)
Robbert Krebbers
(visiting scientist, 2013, currently assistant professor at Delft University of Technology)
Stéphanie Chaix
(administrative assistant, 2009-2012)
Xavier Clerc
(research programmer (SED), 2009-2012)
Valentin Robert
(research programmer, 2011-2012; currently PhD student at UCSD)
Raphaël Proust
(summer intern, 2012; currently, PhD student at Cambridge)
Joseph Tassarotti
(summer intern, 2012; currently, PhD student at CMU)
Dana N. Xu
(INRIA research scientist, 2009-2012; on extended leave).
Nicolas Pouillard
(Research programmer, 2006-2008; PhD student, 2008-2011; currently freelance)
Tahina Ramananandro
(PhD student, 2007-2011, currently research engineer at Microsoft Research, Redmond)
Alexandre Pilkiewicz
(PhD student, 2008-2011, currently engineer at Google)
Sylvain Dailler
(Master's intern, summer 2011, currently Ph.D. student at U. Orleans)
Arthur Charguéraud
(PhD student, 2007-2010, currently INRIA research scientist at team Toccata in Saclay)
Benoît Montagu
(PhD student, 2007-2010, currently engineer at Prove & Run)
Vivien Maisonneuve
(master's intern, summer 2010)
Jean-Baptiste Tristan
(PhD student, 2006-2009, currently research scientist at Oracle Labs)
Sandrine Blazy
(associate faculty, till 2009, currently professor at U. Rennes)
Silvain Rideau
(undergraduate intern, summer 2009, currently post-doc at UC Berkeley)
Paolo Herms
(master's intern, spring-summer 2009, currently software engineer at G-Research, London)
Zaynah Dargaye
(PhD student, 2005-2009, currently scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory)
Stéphanie Aubin
(administrative assistant, 2008-2009)
Boris Yakobowski
(PhD student, 2004-2008, scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory)
Keiko Nakata
(post-doc, 2007-2008, currently research scientist at FireEye in Dresden, Germany)
Nelly Maloisel
(administrative assistant, 2006-2008)
Yann Régis-Gianas
(PhD student, 2004-2007, currently assistant professor at University Paris 7, PPS laboratory)
Andrew Tolmach
(professor, Portland State University, on sabbatical 2006-2007)
Alain Frisch
(research associate 2004-2007, currently CTO at Lexifi)
Berke Durak
(research programmer 2005-2007, currently independent software developer in Canada)
Richard Bonichon
(PhD student in common with LIP6, 2004-2006, currently scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory)
Maxence Guesdon
(research engineer, until 2006, currently at SED team, INRIA Saclay)
Thomas Moniot
(master's intern, summer 2006, currently engineer at Esterel Technologies)
Michel Blockelet
(undergraduate intern, summer 2006)
Virgile Prevosto
(research programmer 2005-2006, currently scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory)

Past members of Cristal

Daniel Bonniot
Pascal Cuoq
Roberto Di Cosmo
Jun Furuse
Nadji Gauthier
Benjamin Grégoire
Robert Harley
Tom Hirschowitz
Gérard Huet
Didier Le Botlan
Bruno Pagano
François Pessaux
Daniel de Rauglaudre
Christian Rinderknecht
François Rouaix
Emilie Sayag
Bruno Verlyck
Vincent Simonet
Basile Starynkevitch
Jérôme Vouillon
Pierre Weis