Current members of Gallium


Damien Doligez (Inria research scientist)
Fabrice Le Fessant (Inria research scientist)
Xavier Leroy (Inria senior research scientist, head of the team)
Jean-Marie Madiot (Inria research scientist)
Luc Maranget (Inria research scientist)
Michel Mauny (Inria senior research scientist)
François Pottier (Inria senior research scientist)
Didier Rémy (Inria senior research scientist, deputy head of the team)

ERC DeepSea project:

Umut Acar (assistant professor at CMU, Inria advanced research position, P.I.)
Mike Rainey (Inria starting research position)


Gergö Barany
Adrien Guatto

PhD students:

Vitaly Aksenov
Armaël Guéneau
Naomi Testard
Thomas Williams

Technical staff:

Sébastien Hinderer (research programmer, SED)

Administrative staff:

Laurence Bourcier