Gabriel Scherer

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(Last website update: May 2024.)

I do programming and research about programming languages. I work as a permanent researcher in the Picube INRIA team which is part of IRIF, Université Paris Cité, Paris, France.

I work on the OCaml programming language, with a broad interest in languages in the ML tradition (SML, Haskell...). I'm interested in theoretical aspects of type systems, programming language implementation, general programming language concepts, and even some syntactic aspects. I have a preference for studying these using mathematics, rather than the often subjective appeal to taste or intuition.

I work as a permanent researcher at INRIA since September 2017. Up to 2023 I worked in the Partout INRIA team at INRIA Saclay.

In 2016 and spring-summer 2017, I was a post-doc at the Programming Research Laboratory (see our shared research blog!) at Northeastern University, Boston, working with Amal Ahmed on fully abstract compilation and multi-language semantics.

Until 2015 I was a PhD student in the Gallium team (see our shared research blog!) at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, France. My thesis advisor is Didier Rémy.

See my CV (PDF) for full details. (Last CV update: July 2018.)

Contact information

Outside the personal sphere, I communicate by e-mail -- and interleaved forum, mailing-list or blog posts. Please feel free to send me an email; I mostly use my Gmail adress,
gabriel dot scherer at gmail.