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(Last page update: 2016)

Research blogs

I firmly believe that blogging is an impactful tool for researchers and research groups. I created and kept active the Gagallium research blog in the Gallium team where I did my PhD, where I authored 35 blog posts, and I am now actively encouraging my colleague to contribute to the newly-founded PRL blog in my new lab, where I wrote 8 posts so far.

Blogs help us reflect on our work, create conversations with distant colleagues, produce useful content to help others, inspire new students to do research, and give visibility to our research lab.

Some of my blog posts that I am proud of include:

I also contribute to Lambda The Ultimate, a website where the programming language design community, both inside and outside academia, discusses academic papers of interest and programming language questions. Open discussion forums sometimes have their downsides, but I am glad of being able to share with others research that I personally foud inspiring. Some of my posts there include:

Wider audiences

In April 2016, I wrote an article OCaml 4.03 for the online technical magazine Linux Weekly News (, which has a large audience of technical-minded readers that do not know about OCaml, functional programming or my research field. I was paid for this article as a freelance writer.

I am also an irregular contributor to the french-speaking website LinuxFR, where I post popularization content related to programming language or system security research: