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ML 2006: Accepted Submissions

A Separate Compilation Extension to Standard ML
  David Swasey, Tom Murphy VII, Karl Crary and Robert Harper
Backtracking Iterators
  Jean-Christophe Filliatre
Leveraging .NET Meta-programming Components in F#
  Don Syme
ML Grid Programming with ConCert
  Tom Murphy VII
Ocsigen: Typing web interaction with Objective Caml
  Vincent Balat
SEMINAL: Searching for ML Type-Error Messages
  Benjamin Lerner, Dan Grossman and Craig Chambers
Type-Safe Distributed Programming for OCaml
  John Billings, Peter Sewell, Mark Shinwell and Rok Strnisa
Type-Safe Modular Hash-Consing
  Jean-Christophe Filliatre and Sylvain Conchon
Type-sensitive control-flow analysis
  John Reppy

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