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ML Grid Programming with ConCert

Tom Murphy VII

The 2006 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML (ML 2006)
Portland, Oregon, 16th September 2006


Grid computing has become increasingly popular with the growth of the Internet, especially in large-scale scientific computation. Computational Grids are characterized by their scale, their heterogeneity, and their unreliability, making the creation of Grid software quite a challenge. Security concerns make the deployment of Grid infrastructure similarly daunting.

We argue that functional programming techniques, both well-known and new, make an excellent practical foundation for Grid computing. We present a prototype Grid framework called ConCert built entirely in Standard ML which allows for the trustless dissemination of Grid programs through the use of certified code. The framework is fault-tolerant and relatively easy to implement, owing to a simplified network abstraction. This network abstraction is tedious to program for directly, so we present a high level ML-like language Grid/ML and a compiler Hemlock for the language.

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