Current students

Thomas Williams
Since September 2014
Putting Ornaments into practice.

Former students

Gabriel Scherer
Graduated in March 2016
Which types have a unique inhabitant? Focusing on pure program equivalence
Julien Cretin
Graduated in January 2014
Erasable coercions: a unified approach to type systems (see also this)
Benoit Montagu
Graduated in December 2010
Programmer avec des modules de première classe dans un langage noyau pourvu de sous-typage, sortes singletons et types existentiels ouverts
Boris Yakobowski
Graduated in December 2008
Types et contraintes graphiques - polymorphisme de second ordre et inférence
Daniel Bonniot
Graduated in November 2005
Modular Typechecking of Multi-Methods.
Alexandre Frey
Graduated in June 2004
An algebraic approach to typechecking an ML-like language with objects, subtyping, and multi-methods.
Didier Le Botlan
Graduated in May 2004
MLF: An extension of ML with second-order polymorphism and explicit instantiation.
Jérôme Vouillon
Graduated in September 2000
Design and implementation of an extension of ML with objets.
François Pottier
Graduated in June 1998
Type inference with subtyping constraints.