The Mirage retreat: field trip report

Between March 6th and March 13th 2019, I attended the Mirage retreat organized by Hannes Mehnert in Marrakesh, Morocco.

The Mirage retreat takes place in an artist residency organized as a hostel (shared rooms with simple beds). Hannes gathers a lot of people whose activity is relevant to the Mirage project; some of them work within the OCaml ecosystem (but not necessarily Mirage), some work on system programming (not necessarily in OCaml). The whole place is for all of us for one week, excellent food is provided, and we get to do whatever we want. (Thanks to the work of the people there who make this possible.)

This was my second time attending the retreat – first time in November 2017. It is probably the work-related trip I enjoy most. When I get back home, I’m exhausted, thrilled, I met fascinating people and I learned a lot.