Ornaments in practice

I (Thomas Williams) am currently doing an internship with Pierre Dagand and Didier Rémy on ornaments, a way to relate datatypes sharing a common structure. Ornaments come from the scary world of dependent types, and the goal of my internship is to implement them in the more familiar setting of ML datatypes. We’ve produced a draft where we present how ornaments can be useful in practice in an ML-like programming language.


Current (and future?) state of OCamlbuild parallelization

A few days ago, Hugo Heuzard asked about the details of the problem with OCamlbuild’s parallelism today on mantis: PR#5754. My mantis comment quickly grew into the blog post below.

I worked last September on better parallelization for OCamlbuild, but didn’t finish the thing (I couldn’t get something mergeable in time for ICFP) and got distracted with tons on other things to do since. I just uploaded the state of my branch: