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Past Ph.D. students

Jacques-Henri Jourdan, 2012-2016. Topic: Verasco: a formally-verified C static analyzer. Jacques-Henri is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems.

Tahina Ramananandro, 2007-2011. Topic: Mechanized formal semantics and verified compilation for C++ objects. Tahina is currently a senior research software development engineer at Microsoft Research, Redmond.

Jean-Baptiste Tristan, 2006-2009. Topic: Formal verification of translation validation. Jean-Baptiste is currently a research scientist at Oracle Labs.

Zaynah Dargaye, 2005-2009. Topic: Certified compilation of functional languages. Zaynah is currently a scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory.

Tom Hirschowitz, 2000-2003. Topic: Mixin modules for call-by-value languages. Tom is currently a CNRS research scientist, working at the LAMA laboratory of Université de Savoie.

Benjamin Grégoire, 1999-2003, co-advised with Benjamin Werner. Topic: Compilation of Coq proof terms. Benjamin is currently an INRIA research scientist, working at the Marelle team of INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.

François Pessaux, 1997-1999. Topic: Type-based static analysis of uncaught exceptions. François is currently assistant professor at ENSTA ParisTech.

Past Master's interns

All of the above, plus:

Boris Yakobowski, 2004. Topic: A semantic study of SSA form. Boris is now a scientist at CEA, LIST laboratory.

François Pottier, 1994. Topic: An SML-style module system for Caml Light. François is currently a senior research scientist at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt, Gallium team.