May 2018 OCaml DocJam

The May 2018 OCaml DocJam is a distributed/remote event happening on May 18, 19, 20, encouraging interested members of the OCaml community to collectively improve the documentation of OCaml programs and libraries by proposing improvements to the documentation of OCaml projects.


The event is organized in May 2018, on Friday 18, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20, anywhere on earth. One or two hours of your time during that period should be enough to make a valuable contribution.

Contribution protocol

We suggest the following protocol for each participant. For details, see the "Details" section below.


This is an online event with participants at remote physical locations -- of course, interested participants are encouraged to gather in physical spaces for conviviality.

The following online spaces will be used to organize, discuss and organize our contributions:


Improvements may concern, for example, the following:

Advice on how to write documentation?

The OCaml Documentation Guideline contains advice on how to write documentation for OCaml projects.

Where to find ideas of project to improve?

The awesome-ocaml project has grown into a big list of interesting OCaml projects, sorted by topic/area, and may be a source of inspiration if you are looking for documentation targets.

In general we recommend that you pick a library that you are interested in, but for which you are not already an expert. The docjam is actually a great way to get started on a given library; the beginner perspective is useful to write good documentation.

Feel free to also ask other participants for suggestions, or work on reviewing other participants' proposals.