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Chapter 26 The dbm library: access to NDBM databases

The dbm library provides access to NDBM databases under Unix. NDBM databases maintain key/data associations, where both the key and the data are arbitrary strings. They support fairly large databases (several gigabytes) and can retrieve a keyed item in one or two file system accesses. Refer to the Unix manual pages for more information.

Programs that use the dbm library must be linked as follows:
        ocamlc other options dbm.cma other files
        ocamlopt other options dbm.cmxa other files
For interactive use of the dbm library, do:
        ocamlmktop -o mytop dbm.cma
or (if dynamic linking of C libraries is supported on your platform), start ocaml and type #load "dbm.cma";;.

This library is not available.
Module Dbm: interface to the NDBM database

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