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Chapter 6 The Objective Caml language


This document is intended as a reference manual for the Objective Caml language. It lists the language constructs, and gives their precise syntax and informal semantics. It is by no means a tutorial introduction to the language: there is not a single example. A good working knowledge of Caml is assumed.

No attempt has been made at mathematical rigor: words are employed with their intuitive meaning, without further definition. As a consequence, the typing rules have been left out, by lack of the mathematical framework required to express them, while they are definitely part of a full formal definition of the language.


The syntax of the language is given in BNF-like notation. Terminal symbols are set in typewriter font (like this). Non-terminal symbols are set in italic font (like  that). Square brackets [...] denote optional components. Curly brackets {...} denotes zero, one or several repetitions of the enclosed components. Curly bracket with a trailing plus sign {...}+ denote one or several repetitions of the enclosed components. Parentheses (...) denote grouping.

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