If you do not know where to stay in Paris, our recommendation is the Hotel Cujas Pantheon, which is very well located in the quatier latin and offers good connections to most places you may come from or go to (see this map and more details). Make your reservation as soon as possible, since you are likely to find the hotel full it your just show up at the desk. Better call than send email, so that you will know right away whether they have rooms available.

(We used to recommend the Hotel Central des Ecoles in the same location. However, after standing went really down, this Hotel has been renovated, is now called Hotel central Saint Germain, and unfortunately prices are now much much higher.)

You may also check other hotels in Paris.

Helpful phone numbers

   Didier Remy:       01 3963 5317    
   Our secretary:     01 3963 5570   (Stephanie Chaix)
   Switchboard:       01 3963 5511            

   Home:              01 4335 3773
   Mobile:            06 5168 6796   (often off... leave a message)
These numbers work from any place in France. From abroad, replace the leading 0 by the country code 33.

Directions to INRIA-Rocquencourt

The easiest and most convenient is probably By shuttle bus - Paris (See the map) From hotel Cujas, take RER B to Chatelet, change to RER A (direction Saint Germain), exit at Place de l'Étoile where you can catch the shuttle to INRIA.

If you have to travel in the middle of the day, then you should consider RER C form Saint-Michel to Versailles-Rive-Gauche the city phebus, line B [click on Ligne B.pdf] between Versailles and INRIA.