These photos were shot in July 1995, in the Pyrénées, the mountain range which separates France from Spain. It is about 400km long; the area I visited is roughly in the center, near the small French village of Gavarnie.

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The village of Gavarnie is surroundered by a massive circus of mountains. Water falls 600m from the circus' walls down to the valley floor.

Brèche de Roland, a 100m-tall gap in the rock wall which separates France from Spain. Legend has it that the knight Roland, critically wounded by the Sarrasins, wanted to break his sword Durandal rather than leave it to the enemy. So, he hit the rock with it and the sword, instead of breaking, cut this huge gash into the mountain. The Brèche is seen here from the Spanish side.

The rock wall near Brèche de Roland, still on the Spanish side.

Standing on another pass between France and Spain, Anisclo Pass, and looking south at Anisclo Canyon. Valleys on the Spanish side are much drier and hotter than on the French side.

Still at Anisclo Pass, this time looking towards Monte Perdido, a rocky giant. The summit itself is not visible on the photo.

I hope you enjoyed these photos... Your impressions are welcome!

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