It is my pleasure to announce that Mezzo, the language of the future, is now installable via OPAM. This required quite a bit of packaging work, and I’m no ocamlfind / Makefile guru, so if it doesn’t work on your machine, or I used something that’s not portable, please do let me know!

To start hacking in Mezzo, just type:

opam install mezzo

This will install the mezzo binary, the mezzo runtime library, and the mezzo core and standard libraries. We also provide an Ocamlbuild plugin that makes your life easier when starting a new project.

A sample project is available at; it uses the new -plugin-tag option (OCaml 4.01.0) for ocamlbuild, meaning that you don’t have to copy/paste the voodoo incantations that will tell ocamlbuild how to generate ml files out of mz files.

There’s not much in terms of sample programs except for the standard library which is, fortunately, heavily commented.

An (unfinished) tutorial is available at (html, pdf); it is by no means perfect, but well, that’s all I have to offer for now. I’m still planning on trying to improve the error messages spat out by the compiler, but right now, it’s quite a bit of a mess. The tutorial has a section about deciphering error messages, though.

Happy hacking!

PS: I should add that there is currently no tutorial on interfacing OCaml and Mezzo. There are still some rough edges: because of our compilation scheme, the Mezzo list::list type doesn’t exactly match OCaml’s list type, which is kinda embarrassing. Until that’s fixed, I’ll probably put the OCaml/Mezzo part on hold, and blog about it later.