Version 2.0.0

Active-DVI with its own style

The Active-DVI distribution offers the special LaTeX style advi.sty that greatly simplifies interaction with the presenter.

This basic advi.sty style is simple and yet gives the full power of Active-DVI.

Examples are from the directory examples/basics of the distribution.
Header and footer for slides. Adviwait and color. Easy program writing. Landscape.

Active-DVI with Slitex

Active-DVI provides the special LaTeX style advi-slides.sty that gives a simple way to write slides with Slitex.

Examples are in the directory examples/slitex of the distribution.

Active-DVI'slitex style is your best friend!

Examples are in the directory examples/slitex/simplistic of the distribution.
The easiest way for a talk. The plan. The part 1. The conclusion. The talk's LaTeX source (Emacs buffer).

Active-DVI interactive demonstration capabilities

Examples are in the directory examples/slitex/advi of the distribution.
Landscape style with footer. Simple interaction. Interaction slide source. 5 dancing Active-DVIs.

Active-DVI with background images

Examples are in the directory examples/slitex/caml of the distribution.
Light and easy to read slides. Colors emphasize concepts. Colors emphasize key words. Alpha channel for background.

Active-DVI when images are mandatory

Examples are in the directory examples/slitex/skin_detection of the distribution.
A pretty title. Introductory slide. Lot of images. Expressing problems visually.

Active-DVI with Seminar

Presentations using the seminar style can be rendered using Active-DVI.

Examples are in the directory examples/seminar.

Seminar style rendered by Active-DVI

Examples are in the directory examples/seminar/clock of the distribution.
A seminar title slide. A rather complex drawing.

Seminar style with Xfig inserts

Active-DVI also handles PIC and PostScript drawings.

Examples are in the directory examples/seminar/a14 of the distribution.
Nice course title. Explaining bitmaps. Polygon Filling. and Bezier curves.

Active-DVI with Prosper

Prosper effects are supported by Active-DVI.

Examples are from the directory examples/prosper.

Prosper nice effects rendered by Active-DVI

Examples are in the directory examples/prosper/Join of the distribution.
Prosper effects. The Join calculus. The pi calculus. Behaviors in pi calculus.

Shining backgrounds in a Free Software talk

Examples are in the directory examples/prosper/LL of the distribution.
The animated image tries to execute xanim. The result of execution. The definition of free software. Comparing free software to other kinds ...

Active-DVI demonstration

A lot of demonstration examples are given in the distribution: they are test-beds demonstrating effects; generally speaking those presentations are also a kind of basic manual for the effects they show.

Examples are from the directory test.

Advanced effects and style programming using Active-DVI

Dynamic text handling

Annotation bubbles and anchors. Dynamic drawings with arrows. Text movements.


A uniform yellow background. An alpha blended background image. Active-DVI and images (including backgrounds).

Application embedding

An interactive Caml/TK embedded application.
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